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Kissahoi Payombaron

supports emerging Tajik leaders with easy-to-use disciple making resources

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Search in English to view and stream any Kissahoi Payombaron file. Enter a book and chapter from the Bible or the module and lesson number from the app. For example, type “John 15” to see if there are any files from John chapter 15. Or type “2.3” to get the files from module 2 lesson 3.

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Then drag and drop the contents of the folder onto an SD card and it will be ready to go. After installing, a user can…

  • have all of the lesson files at once without having to download anything
  • give the app and all of the lesson files to someone else without using the Internet
  • meet and share new lessons with each other much faster than their Internet connection (and for free!) using WiFi Direct in the app
  • Whatsapp individual files to friends and groups just getting started

The Current App Package has 429 lessons and was last updated on .

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